#MacadamiaGirl Raquel Pla

Fun, cheerful, natural, photogenic and one of our #MacadamiaGirls. Meet the intagramer Raquel Pla, through this exclusive interview, in which she reveals some secrets of beauty and her great community of followers.


MC: We're in love with your smile, what makes Raquel laugh in the morning?

RP: Well, do not think I get up with the smile every morning. But I do need a good breakfast to start the day, hehe. And, above all, a good hug and a kiss from my partner. That's what makes me smile in the morning.

MC: But do you really smile as much as in your posts, or do somebody tickle you during shootings?

RP: Haha, no, the truth is that tickling does not make me laugh, but It's easy for me to smile and, deep down, I like more a photo smiling than one being serious. It always gives more good vibes, right? I do not like the photo sessions in which I have to be very static and very serious, I do not feel myself, I feel unnatural. So I prefer to be moving and having fun while I model in from of the camera. Also, it makes me look better: P


Carrie Turquoise pendant (44€)


MC: 20,000 followers on Instagram and uploading. Woow! How it feels?

RP: The truth is that I do not believe it yet. And, in reality, I feel the same as always, I am the same person and I do the same things daily. The only difference is that now I do more photos :p But I'm very happy that people like my photos and share them. I feel very lucky to have a community of followers like that.

MC: Let's talk about Macadamia! You have been one of our influencers since the beginning.

RP: In fact, it was the first brand that contacted me to collaborate on Instagram and I was very excited, since it is a brand that I love, both their jewelry and the way they have always treated me. Let's say that I will always carry them in my little heart for being the first ones.

MC: Let's put you in a bind ... :p How would you describe Macadamia?

RP: I would describe it as a fresh, young and with a lot of personality brand.


Holly pendant, Reese earrings, Grace ring set, Marion ring


MC: We do not know if you have noticed but you have two obsessions in terms of jewelry design. The first, the galaxy.

RP: I've always liked the stars, the constellations, the universe... I'm really a fan of everything related to the signs of the zodiac and astronomy.

MC: And the other one (we lovethis one); nature. Palms, leaves, trees of life... Does it have something to do with your personality?

RP: I am a person that I like very much nature, it makes me feel very alive and free. I'm from Banyoles, so I grew up in one of the most beautiful natural spots in Catalonia.


Farrah pendat (46€), Uma earrings (32€)


MC: Let go, what kind of jewelry do you have in your jeweler and how many?

RP: The truth is that I can not say how many I have, haha, many! and most of Macadamia. I like them a lot in general to give the final touch to my look, it gives personality.

MC: Do you think a jewel can give extra strength to a woman?

RP: I believe that a jewel can give strength and personality to an otufit, and make the woman who carries it feel strong and beautiful.

  MC: What is beauty to you?

RP: For me, beauty is what the person gives off, their naturalness, their freshness, their way of being and relating to others. I think that, basically, it is being and feeling good about yourself.


Ellen ring, Barbara ring, Lana earrings, Gioia pendant


MC: Speaking of beauty :P Immerse yourself in our website and tell us 3 jewels that you think will be trend this S/S, and tell us why.

RP: I can not say just three! I think that many of the Macadamia jewels will be a trend this S/S. Especially all those who have designs with starfish, palm trees, leaves... All those who remember holidays and good weather :)

MC: Do you want to say something to your followers?

RP: I can only say thank you for being.

MC: Where are you from answering this interview? Don't be shy... :)

RP: From the dining room of my house in pajamas and with my favorite dressing gown. And smiling!


Follow all Raquel Pla looks on her Instagram account: @raquelpla_

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